Fragmented Thoughts

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no matter how engrossed i am to the real world, i still need to detach myself from it.. this is my own.. exposed yet restricted.. i do have lots of stories to tell yet i do know when to stop telling them.. I'll share everything i can.. the whole thing that i am permitted to uncover..

i may not write beyond your belief..but whatever my hands and fingers bring here, they are the products of my heart and brain..let it be heard..

    vacay. hmmm.

    My long vacation is nearing to its end. And it was just today that I came to grasp that I was totally broke. Ha ha. I am having an almost two unnoticed non-salary months! (Because of the probationary stage thingy, ugh!) Sheesh.

    Possibly because I seldom go out, I don’t buy and cook my food for the whole day, I don’t buy my hygienic paraphernalia, etcetera. Everything is provided here at home. (Thank God, luck is still with me. Whew!) I am having and taking pleasures of my current “PAL” moments though (There’s no need to explain, you guys know what it means. Ha ha!), so I don’t actually worry a lot, really! (Liars go to hell!) Ggrr!

    Okay, I did become aware of this because of the bills and things that I need to settle (stuffs that are to be kept under wraps). Sigh. And now, yeah, here I am, turning problematic! Ugh, life is indeed full of twists and turns! Nevertheless, I’ll clear up everything soon. I have faith! Ha ha! *crossed fingers*

    — 2 years ago