Fragmented Thoughts

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Basically nothing. Nothing stupendous. Born in the '80s. A being who tolerates a lot of feels. Has a thing for creature comforts. A scaredy cat warrior who is brave yet fragile. Has a penchant for delightful things. Consistently inconsistent and predictably unpredictable. Oh and I am a frustrated writer. I have an unrequited love for it.

    vacay. hmmm.

    My long vacation is nearing to its end. And it was just today that I came to grasp that I was totally broke. Ha ha. I am having an almost two unnoticed non-salary months! (Because of the probationary stage thingy, ugh!) Sheesh.

    Possibly because I seldom go out, I don’t buy and cook my food for the whole day, I don’t buy my hygienic paraphernalia, etcetera. Everything is provided here at home. (Thank God, luck is still with me. Whew!) I am having and taking pleasures of my current “PAL” moments though (There’s no need to explain, you guys know what it means. Ha ha!), so I don’t actually worry a lot, really! (Liars go to hell!) Ggrr!

    Okay, I did become aware of this because of the bills and things that I need to settle (stuffs that are to be kept under wraps). Sigh. And now, yeah, here I am, turning problematic! Ugh, life is indeed full of twists and turns! Nevertheless, I’ll clear up everything soon. I have faith! Ha ha! *crossed fingers*

    — 3 years ago